We have been able to ensure that 90% of the chemicals used in our facility are environmentally friendly and have certifications to prove this. For the remaining 10% we are currently collaborating and assisting our suppliers in becoming environmentally friendly. We follow rigid chemical management systems encouraged by our multinational customers, ensuring the health and safety of our people, as well as the environment. This includes means of proper handling and storage of chemicals. We provide training on chemical handling and safety measures which include the use of safety equipment, safe work practices and personal protective equipment, in order to avoid potentially hazardous exposure to chemicals.

We are active participants in numerous programs including Roadmap to Zero and Clean Chain, which aim to monitor and control the use of chemicals across the value chain, reducing the industry's chemical footprint. This allows us to protect our planet and keep us aligned with sustainability goals.





  • No chemicals with MSDS & CIL documentation are allowed
  • Following legal regulations & Forbidden chemical content lists (RSL)
  • Research Department focused on finding sources for alternative chemicals
  • Investing in the latest technology for chemical management